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I love a company that is based on honesty, integrity and is a family-run business. Bartel's is that when it comes to the care of my car. I took my car out to the Oswego location and today I'm getting the rest of the technical work done on it today. To me, the prices are competitive, if you need an estimate to draw up before you "give the go-ahead", they'll do that for you. Sad to say, I lived out in Glen Ellyn, all my life, didn't know there was an Bartel's Auto Clinic up the road from me out in Carol Stream, lol. I actually just got off the phone with one of their customer relations like today, very nice and cheerful, just wanted to call me back and wish me thanks for stopping by, not a lot of places do that to thank you for your business these days, let alone give you a key-chain coupon to let you know you're appreciated. I know the same care and concern for you, the customer and car care is the same at that location, no doubt. I support these guys 100%. Be sure to be on the look, you people out in Naperville, Joliet & Plainfield; I hear they're building a new location off Rte 59. Call and ask them for your car needs and I'm sure they'll be obliged to do their best. If you care about your car, these guys are like the "second driver" because they care too.


After moving to Oswego almost 5 years ago, I was very happy to find Bartel's. Family-owned operation that provides excellent service at a reasonable price. You will not find slick sales pitches here for work that your car doesn't need. Instead, you are remembered by first name and treated with loyalty and respect. I greatly appreciate the time Adam, Dan and the rest of the staff take to explain repairs, costs and options with me. They have personally taken me into the garage and shown me what needs to be done to repair my vehicle. With two cars nearing 100,000 miles, I trust them to maintain them for another 100k. Highly recommend.


Great service and great business model! They are as friendly as it gets. The prices are very reasonable. Since it's not a chain shop, they'll let you bring your own parts (please don't do this unless you know for absolute certain). They are FAST! They don't waste time getting you in and out! The lobby area is nice and they offer coffee and water for your short wait.


This place is great! My car was making a loud squealing noise so I brought it in when they opened on Saturday morning. I received a call within the hour that they had found the problem. It ended up just being a pebble stuck in the brake pad. There was no charge for their service and the manager was so nice! I will definitely be returning.


Great first experience working with Bartel's. Honest assessment and fair pricing; Very competitive reliable repair shop; Great job completing four wheel alignment and assessing vehicle for needed repairs.


I have only come here for oil changes but I love their service and they are very courteous. The price is good. I pay $25 for an oil change and that includes a tire rotation. This place is much better than these chain stores that are very impersonal and deliver half ass service. They have earned my loyalty and the first time I need some work done on my car other than oil change I will be taking my car there.


This place is great! They have always done a great job and surprise me with the quotes I've gotten for things such as brake replacements that were lower than I expected. Their oil change service is a little higher than some other places, but 1) it comes with a complete check on all your car's systems and 2) they always (if you live in the area) send out great coupons that knock the price down.That mentioned above, coupled with the fact that they have very long hours (7am-7pm M-F and 8am-4pm on Sat), earns this place 4-stars in my book. So, why the 5th star?They have a certain thing that is missing more and more from not only auto repair shops, but stores in general. This is a little something I call customer service. They have this in spades. Example: I was driving with my brother and we stopped to get our hair cut even though it was dangerously close to their closing time on Saturday. My brother drives pretty fast and we are dudes... so we could get in 2 haircuts in much less time than say a female getting the same. So, we risked it and would have made it save a massive traffice jam due to small strip of road construction that had just started that weekend.I called the place and apologized that we would be 15 minutes late to pick up my car. He said no problem... so, long story slightly less long: I show up an hour later and there he is waiting patiently. I felt terrible to be wasting his Saturday and yet he kept a smile and was nothing less an extremely curtious. He even offered me a bottle of water (it was a hot day).I don't know. This is more and more rare in my experience. Sure, maybe he went home and ripped me a new one to his wife or significant other... but that's what use to make American's working class great. You put in a hard day's work, busting your ass, and then you go home and it's either the topic of conversation at dinner while you enjoy your big piece of chicken... or you bond over that and similar stories with guys at the bar. Now it's: "hey, I'm tired and pissed off and every customer I meet today will feel my discontent, whether they contributed to it or not." Not here, however, I was a jerk, wasted his time, and still I recieved the "valued customer" treament. His reward? He receives my loyalty as a returning customer ...and this gushing endorsement on Yelp, of course.